English speaking classes

English speaking classes



English speaking classes

Vocational training technician’s stream starting at grade 10:

– Mechanics
– IT

No school fees.

As language teaching occupies a central position in the Grand Duchy’s education system, the LPEM offers, besides its usual courses in German and French, also technical secondary education where all subjects are taught in English as from the 10e technician classes onwards, and in which pupils are specifically geared to electronics and mechanics in order to achieve within 4 years the technician’s diploma at 13e level (diplôme de technicien – DT). This project set up by the highly esteemed LPEM modernises the school system in Luxembourg to meet the needs and desires of young people opting for a high-level secondary technical education in English. The LPEM also has a twenty-year-long teaching experience completely conducted in English within the field of the aircraft maintenance licence, which is also completed with a technician’s diploma. As a whole, the technical teaching experience of the LPEM has lasted for over 100 years.


Diplôme de
 Smart Technologies IT mechanics Aircraft maintenance licence
grade 13  1TPEC-E 1TPIF-E 1TPMG-E 2TCAM
grade 12  2TPEC-E 2TPIF-E 2TPMG-E 1TCAM
grade 11 3TPST-E 3TPIF-E 3TPMG-E
grade 10  4TPST-E 4TPIF-E 4TPMG-E
grade 9 9e  or  5e or equivalent


Enrolment directly with the:

Lycée Privé Emile Metz
50, rue de Beggen,
1220 Luxembourg
tel.: 439061-452
email: englishdesk@lpem.lu